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The Moon Island Series in Audiobook

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About the Moon Island Series

Moon Island is fictional, but loosely based upon Aitutaki, a real island I loved to visit, growing up. Even now, it remains simple and unspoiled, despite increased tourism. I wrote the series so that I could share with readers a magical, exotic place where love and kindness rule. We can all use a dose of that!

Quick facts:

  • first travel adventure romance series in lesbian fiction; originally published by Naiad Press
  • best-selling series of its kind in lesbian fiction, with Passion Bay and Saving Grace occupying Top Five positions in sales reported across all LGBT bookstores for more than two years after publication.
  • will celebrate its 25th anniversary with the release of the entire series in audio from Bold Strokes Books

Book I in the series, Passion Bay, introduces Cody and Annabel, who fall in love and decide to set up a women’s resort on the island where their dreams came true. They appear throughout the series, as do many other characters we meet along the way. Each story can be read as a stand-alone, but various plot-lines run through the entire series, so a binge read can be fun!

Two years as #1 LGBT Bestseller


Passion Bay / Book One

Two women from different ends of the earth encounter destiny, and one another, on a South Pacific paradise.

When Boston securities broker, Annabel Worth inherits remote Moon Island, she travels there to solve a mystery that has haunted her family. Dumped by her lover, laid off from her job, New Zealander Cody Stanton flees to the island seeking solace and solitude. Both women are burdened with secrets that could destroy the passion that ignites between them. When Hurricane Mary strikes, each must make a choice that will change her life forever.

Now in its 25th year in print, it is the bestselling lesbian travel/adventure romance ever published. A runaway bestseller with seven reprints in its first edition (Naiad Press 1992), Passion Bay was released in a second updated and expanded ‘author’s cut’ edition in 2004.


“Sweet juicy love scenes – some of the best in lesbian fiction… PASSION BAY is a romance – and a fine one at that.” Curve

“More than a touch of humor… the characters of Cody and Annabel are finely wrought.” Lambda Book Report

“The glitches that dishonesty can guarantee in any relationship, are handled with wry good humor and a fine sense of emotional truth. The narrative is compelling… Fulton’s is an original voice.”  Bay Area Reporter

Two years as a Top 5 LGBT Bestseller


Saving Grace / Book Two

Injured in a car crash she caused, champion swimmer and Olympic hopeful, Dawn Beaumont is haunted by guilt over the death of her passenger and team-mate. Her career in ruins, her body damaged and scarred, she flees to Moon Island, and soon crosses paths with exactly the kind of woman she’s been warned about. Grace Ramsay pretends not to care about Dawn’s appearance, and seems determined to flirt with her.

Grace is secretly evaluating the island for corporate purchase by a ruthless chemicals giant looking for a waste dump far from civilization. Annabel Worth, the owner of the island, is determined not to sell, but then her plane goes down in the Pacific in suspicious circumstances.


“Saving Grace will not disappoint readers who enjoyed Passion Bay. Fulton blends the romance, the lust, the adventure and the intrigue with questions of self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth, resulting in an enjoyable story with more than enough depth to make it worth reading.”  Lambda Book Report

“A very well-written, entertaining read. Annabel and Cody, who met and fell in love in the first novel Passion Bay, are still living on Moon island but their world is disturbed by the intrusion of a homophobic straight woman, a lesbian predator, and the head of a multinational corporation who sees Moon island as the perfect place to dump toxic waste. The intersection of these characters and the plot lines they represent is the island itself…. The writing is delightful with real care given to the plausible connections among and between the characters.”   Bay Area Reporter

“Goldie” Award Winner


The Sacred Shore / Book Three

Successful tech industry survivor, Merris Randall does not believe in love at first sight until she meets Olivia Hunt. But Olivia is deeply scarred from a damaging relationship, and has no plans to love again. Thrown together in a sensuous paradise thousands of miles from home, each finds what she least expects. Anthropologist Dr. Glenn Howick is also on Moon Island, chasing the career-making discovery of a lifetime. But Glenn must decide whether she can exploit the spirituality of another culture for her own ends. Another moral dilemma looms in the form of Riley Mason, a post-grad student whose love threatens both Glenn’s reputation and her most secret self.

Life seems complete for the island’s owners, Cody and Annabel, whose love story was told in Passion Bay. But Annabel has recently woken up to the sound of her biological clock ticking. With preparations underway for the secret rituals local women perform to celebrate the goddess of the island, the topic is consigned to the back burner. Then Annabel’s cousin, Melanie shows up with a young baby and a desperate problem.


“This series only gets stronger, showcasing Jennifer Fulton’s wry humor and astute character observation as ensemble cast is drawn together for a secret ceremony celebrating the guardian goddess of Moon Island. Ms. Fulton, who hails from the South Pacific herself, weaves respectful cultural insights into a touching, emotionally rewarding romance with some laugh-out-loud moments. Like all of her stories, this one is finely written and delivers more depth than readers have come to expect from the genre.”    LBM

“Goldie” Award Winner


A Guarded Heart / Book Four

Lauren Douglas, star of the hottest soap on daytime television, is about to sign a bloated new contract to play her wholesome TV heroine when she is publicly outed. Scrambling for damage control, her father, a Congressman, wants her banished abroad and her network writes her temporarily out of the show in a plane crash, while they consider her future. As if that’s not enough, a creepy fan enraged by the revelation, shoots Lauren.

All of which means zip to FBI Special Agent Pat Roussel whose hunt for the Kiddy Pageant Killer has consumed every waking moment for three years. Suffering from burnout, and hoping fresh new eyes might come up with a break in the case, Pat reluctantly takes a few months leave. The last thing she expects to be doing in her time off is an illicit private security gig babysitting a celebrity. But she owes a friend a big favor. Her first assignment sounds like hell—a stint on a tropical island guarding a TV star with a bullet wound. It should be the easiest money she ever made, only Lauren is not the spoiled narcissist Pat is expecting.


A Guarded Heart:  “Jennifer Fulton takes a familiar trope – the Bodyguard Crush – and makes it feel fresh. Familiar series characters continue to evolve and new surprises await fans of the Moon Island saga in this highly entertaining fourth installment. ”

Fulton uses Lauren’s and Pat’s antagonism for each other skillfully. The story… begins with each having stereotypical views of each other’s profession and lifestyle. It progresses to the reluctant acceptance by Lauren of the intrusive nature of being guarded, while Pat is forced to relax her hard-line professionalism and allow her tenderness to surface. Fulton displays her mastery of sexual tension…[she] continually teases us throughout this story, but in the end the author knows what she needs to do and executes it brilliantly.”   Just About Write

Solace / Book Five – Forthcoming

When a nun is saving your life, don’t hit on her… 

Stranded together by a twist of fate, a sexy sailor and a disenchanted nun face an impossible choice.

Weeks earlier, round-the-world yachtswoman Rebel Monroe set off across the Pacific Ocean in search of her mojo. Sister Althea O’Keefe is on a very different quest, seeking a sign from God to restore her faith. Instead, she finds a half-dead woman who wreaks havoc on her peace of mind.

 Stories like theirs seldom have happy endings in the real world, yet a growing attraction makes both women rethink the meaning of happiness and imagine what might have been. If they had a future, maybe their differences would drive them apart. They’ll never know…unless they’re willing to gamble their lives

Infinite Kiss / Book Six – Forthcoming

They can try hiding from themselves, but they can’t hide from each other.

Tori Grainger had no idea that kissing a woman would wreck her life, but it did and she isn’t sorry. With her miserable marriage to a baseball superstar finally over, she can discover the true self she’s been running from her whole life. To celebrate her new freedom, she sets off on a woman-only cruise to the tropical paradise of Moon Island.

What are the odds of meeting your worst enemy on the cruise you’ve always dreamed of? Julianne Smith can’t believe her luck when she finds herself seated across the table from the bitchy cheerleader who made her high school years a living hell. But there’s a silver lining.  Julianne has changed so much that Tori doesn’t recognize her. They’re even flirting.

Thrilled by the prospect of long overdue revenge, Julianne decides to make Tori fall in love and then dump her ass. But, as her mom always said:  be careful what you wish for…

Heart’s Hostage  / Book Seven –  Forthcoming

Why resist when surrender is so appealing?

Jane Hart, a naturalist for the Smithsonian, has just made a remarkable discovery on Moon Island when she is rudely interrupted by a Hollywood film crew. Not only do these Philistines pillage her grid-marked search, they scare off a nesting pair of a bird species thought extinct. The very least Jane expects is an apology.

Andree Duvall is not used to being dressed down by mousey women with condescending attitudes. Okay, so her film crew set up on the wrong beach – the mistake was genuine and they put every rock back where it belongs. But that’s not enough for the snooty scientist. Sparks fly every time their paths cross, which is unavoidable since their private villas occupy the same tiny corner of the island.

The adult thing would be to shake hands and move on. Why can’t they find a way to do that?