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About My Stand-alone Romances

Every book I’ve written can be read as a stand-alone, although in the Moon Island series and my detective stories, you’ll have more context if you read the stories in order. I write stand-alones like the ones below when I am intrigued by an idea, a setting, or a main character. Real life experiences often inspire me. Here’s a little background on each:

Lambda Literary Awards Finalist


More Than Paradise

When faced with human treachery and the perils of a lost world, two women thrown together in the exotic jungles of New Guinea become reluctant allies and unexpectedly discover that paradise just might be a place in the heart.

Botanist Charlotte Lascelles can’t believe her luck when she is selected for a research expedition into the untamed Foja Mountains of New Guinea. The last thing she expects is to find her team being led deep into the mist-shrouded jungle by a woman who has spent the past decade working as a mercenary soldier for shady characters in Indonesia and East Timor. To make matters worse, Ash Evans’ history with women represents everything Charlotte loathes.

Although friends accuse Charlotte of being uptight, she simply has standards, and they don’t include hooking up with brazen playgirls like Ash. Charlotte can’t wait until they reach camp so she can put the distracting and far too sexy guide out of her sight, but things aren’t going her way. Compelled to share a tent with her nemesis on the journey into the unknown, Charlotte soon finds her determined reserve no match for the fires Ash ignites.


“Fulton’s description of the jungle with its vegetation and animal life is intense and paints such a vivid picture that you can practically smell the orchids and feel the mist coming off of the waterfalls. It’s a perfect setting for a story of a woman who is slightly untamed herself and the other woman who definitely needs to release her inhibitions and learn to live.” Just About Write


Courting Trouble / Forthcoming

Ex U.S. Marine Blue Taylor meets more than her match when she fixes a flat tire for the kind of woman she usually avoids.

The day Mayden Brooke is sacked from her hit TV show Condor Valley under suspicion of an unthinkable crime, her world collapses. Desperate for anonymity, she rents an isolated cabin in the mountains above the Lost Coast in Northern California. How bad could it possibly be?  It’s not like she’s all alone. There’s a community of holdovers on wimmin’s land down the road, a cannabis plantation and its paranoid owners up the mountain, bears, no electricity, and a neighbor who hates her, Blue Taylor.

As far as Blue is concerned it’s no one’s business why she lives on the mountain  All she wants is to be left alone, and that was working out just fine until the arrival of her distracting, hopelessly impractical new neighbor. Blue isn’t sure why she should feel responsible for a female in high heels with a flat tire, but she does and Mayden is the type who takes full advantage. She’s a tease, a menace to Blue’s peace of mind, and definitely not be trusted with anyone’s heart. But Blue wants her in the worst way.


Greener Than Grass

Written for fans who requested a ‘spring – autumn’ story, Greener Than Grass is a heartwarming classic romance set in Australia.

Documentary filmmaker Blair Carroll has recently broken up with her lover of twenty years and decides a foreign project might help her get over it. She heads for Melbourne, Australia, where a friend in NYC keeps an empty apartment. When she arrives, she finds a young woman asleep in her bed.

Fresh off the farm, nineteen year old Cassie Jensen, the niece of the apartment owner, has come to Melbourne seeking work. Desperate to help her mother through the drought that is devastating their outback sheep ranch, she finds a job booking reservations in the office of an escort service, but tells her mother a phony tale about what she is doing. Despite a world of difference in background and experience, Cassie and Blair are drawn together.


In Greener Than Grass, innocence is attractive and seductive, but also powerful enough to heal damaged hearts… Fulton’s knack for depicting current social dilemmas also makes her a compelling contemporary author… The strength of the story in Greener Than Grass, is the contrast between a young woman’s idealistic enthusiasm for life and a mature woman’s coming to terms with a lifetime’s worth of experience… Fulton keeps pages turning and hearts yearning to the last declaration of undying love.”  The Lesbian Review of Books

Greener Than Grass is one of the best lesbian romances I’ve read in quite some time. The ending left me grinning to myself for hours and wishing for an immediately available sequel… This one definitely deserves two thumbs up.”  The Coffee Club


True Love

Anticipating ‘new adult’ fiction 25 years before the genre evolved, ironically titled True Love is an off beat, darkly humorous saga of contemporary lesbian life.

Rosie Brooks is a successful stage actress whose love life is sorely lacking. In pursuit of the meaning of ‘true love,’ she and her closest friends – Zoe, Nicole, Julia, Caroline and Anne – meet weekly for dinner and a no holds barred discussion about their love lives.

The group is Julia’s idea and the rules are: everyone must tell the truth, partners cannot attend, and members of the group must not become romantically involved with one another. Can six mostly single lesbians adhere to these rules?


“Jennifer Fulton has penned another wonderfully readable, erotically-charged book.”  Lambda Book Review

“Fulton tells a dark and disturbing tale of friendship and betrayal, of love lost before it has a chance to begin. This may sound rather hackneyed but her use of these themes is anything but trite. The writing is outstanding. Fulton uses humor wisely, and the early lightness of the narrative voice provides a stunning contrast to the sadness and resignation of that voice at the end of the novel… Fulton creates characters that live on in the memory, and in the heart. True Love is an extraordinary novel. I could not put it down and days later, I’m still thinking about it.”   Bay Area Reporter

“The insistent honesty of True Love sets the book apart in the romance genre. The writing is sharp, witty and well crafted…. In True Love, Jennifer Fulton has rescued the romance from formulaic complacency by asking universal questions about friendship and love, intimacy and lust. The answers reflect both depth and maturity: this is the romance novel grown up a bit. Girl gets girl is always popular; more inspirational is when the girl gets to know herself.”  The Lesbian Review of Books

“This is a truly refreshing novel that realistically reflects lesbian culture… the sex is definitely hot. This is lustful, real world sex, the kind most of us have experienced: great sex with the wrong person or lousy sex with the right person. It’s nice to finally see an author who recognizes that all sex isn’t of the flowers and champagne, everything’s perfect, variety.”  The Coffee Club